In the shadows of Gotham City…

Who is behind the crime spree spreading across Gotham? Why is Commissioner Gordon hunting Batman? What twisted plan has Two Face up his sleeve?

Today, September 17th we celebrate Batman joining the growing Rory’s Story Cubes range. This marks the first license to receive the iconic Rory’s Story Cubes treatment.

Our aim with Rory’s Story Cubes®: Batman is to encourage fans young and old to create their very own stories featuring their favourite Batman villains, gadgets and locations.

In this, the second instalment in the Rory’s Story Cubes®: Batman icon blog series, we take a look at the creation of the Two-Face icon.

Many, many hours went into the creation of the icon for the infamous protector of Gotham turned villain, Two-Face.You can see in the initial sketches that Rory was exploring how he might use the limitations of space, ink and symmetry to reflect the split personality of Harvey Dent. Conveying Two Face’s scarred features proved a real challenge in such a small space. LandRobot, who worked with Rory on this particular icon, took it through many iterations trying to find something that would read well at a small scale. Together they finally hit on a design that Rory was happy to put his stamp of approval on.

See the evolution of the Two-Face icon below.

Join the Rory’s Story Cubes team in celebrating the launch of Rory’s Story Cubes®: Batman;

September 17th - Waterstones Islington, London from 3.30 - 6pm

September 18th - Eason, O’Connell Street, Dublin from 6 - 8pm

September 26th - World Batman Day - Comic Book Guys, Spire Mall, Belfast from 2 - 4pm