It’s that time of the year again, where the StoryCube team get busy and excited about going to Essen Spiel, one of Germany’s biggest toy and board gaming faires. Held in the town of Essen each October the event draws roughly 150,000 board gaming enthusiasts over 4 days. Hundreds of new games will be introduced at SPIEL 2016 and we can’t wait to play games and of course show StoryCube fans all of our new sets and storage solutions.

So what new stuff will we be showing at Essen, We hear you ask?

Well, we're glad you asked, as it just so happens we have a bumper year and have lots to show you, including additions to our new StoryWorlds and StoryCubes ranges as well as some awesome storage solutions.

So the best place to start is always at the beginning.

New Rory’s Story Cubes Mix sets.

Our New Mix sets are here! Yay, we hear you cry. This year we are excited to release, Medieval, Powers and Rescue. Add these 3 cube sets to your existing sets and create even more tales. Into scary tales, detective mysteries, mythical stories or enchanted fables? Rory's Story Cubes® Mix will have you covered with a full expansion range.

Medieval - Weave Classic Tales of The Middle Ages

'The Jester of Pompadoo Castle, helped the princess escape through the barley fields past the black knights.

Rescue - Tell tales of tense, daring rescue.
'Someone call for help, the volcano is about to blow!'

Powers- Spark super-powered stories of heroic adventures.

'Jenny used her telekinetic powers to defeat Lord Zoron'

New Rory’s Story Cubes®: StoryWorlds

Last year we brought you The Caped Crusader, Batman and Sweden’s Moomin; This year we bring you 3 new, officially licensed sets. Enter the worlds of your favourite characters and craft your own fan universe where your favourite characters battle against good and evil; travel time and space; or cause ACME havoc. With our exclusive licenced StoryWorlds collection, the power is in your hands to create ultimate fan stories.

Doctor Who - Create Your Own Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Adventures

Which alien is unleashing chaos on Earth? What new puzzle confronts the Doctor and his companions? Where must the TARDIS go next? Roll the nine cubes and tell your very own Doctor Who stories using the icons on each cube inspired by the BBC’s greatest Sci-Fi adventure. With millions of storytelling combinations, this officially licensed, award-winning and fun game is perfect for the original Doctor Who fan who jumped behind their sofa when they first saw the Daleks, to today’s new fans and in between

Scooby Doo - ''Zoiks Scooby We Have Our Own StoryCubes!''

Which monster is chasing Scooby and Shaggy? What Clue has Velma discovered? Who is behind the fairground hauntings? Roll the nine cubes and tell your very own Scooby Doo stories using the icons on each cube inspired by the cult TV classic. Ideal for the Scooby Doo fan, young and not so young.

Looney Tunes- Sufferin Succotash!

What trick is Bugs playing on Daffy? Which ACME gadget has backfired on Wile E. Coyote? Did Tweety really see a Puddy-Tat? Roll the nine cubes and tell your very own Looney Tunes stories inspired by the world famous cartoon series. Perfect for the Looney Tunes fan.

Are you a Mixer or a Sorter?
We have listened to our fans and this year, we are extremely excited to bring you, two new storage options where your StoryCubes can have pride of place. Showcasing first at Essen Spiel 2016, the Collector's bag and box will be available online at very soon.

The Collector's Bag

Like to mix it up and keep all your cubes nestled together in one bag? This is the solution for you. With The Rory's Story Cubes® Collectors Bag, you can easily store our entire Rory's Story Cubes® collection in the one place.

Grab and Go: The secure toggle closure will ensure your StoryCubes stay in the bag.

The Collector's Box

With this collectors box, you can store all eighty-one StoryCUbes from The Rory's Story Cube® core range. See your full collection in one place (and note what is missing!). This collection is due to complete in 2018. Quickly locate the particular StoryCubes you want to include in your story.

Where to find us at Essen?

Drop by our stand, say hello and roll StoryCubes. We’ll be at Stand 3-P101. See you there